Please submit a properly crafted query letter to include the category, genre, and word count of your novel, PLUS the first chapter ONLY pasted into the body of the email. Thank you. If you do not adhere to these incredibly simple and straight forward guidelines WE WILL NOT READ YOUR SUBMISSION. 

We accept submissions from writers with and without agents. We want beautifully executed books and entertaining stories; these are the most important things we’ll be looking for in our submissions inbox. This doesn’t mean if your manuscript has a spelling mistake or a missing punctuation mark we’ll reject you, quite the opposite; these can be fixed.

We want clear, consistent voices, whether they be rich, soothing, sharp or loud. We want a story that flows flawlessly from one event to the next. We want characters that come alive in our minds, worlds that envelop us, and a story that stays with us beyond ‘The End’.


Kate: **CLOSED TO SUBMISSIONS** I have no preference to genre and accept submissions in all categories. I read anything, because what makes a good book for me is voice and well-defined characters. I do have a tendency to lean toward anything with a darker edge, but you’ll see as our list grows that light and quiet books will do it for me, too. My favourite books include the Unwind series by Neal Shusterman, The Uninvited by Liz Jensen, Cheesus Was Here by J.C. Davis, and, obviously, all of the Lakewater Press books!

Emma** CLOSED TO SUBMISSIONS ** I am currently looking for a New Adult or Adult Contemporary Romance, Erotica, and Urban Fantasy and would love to find one in my inbox. Please don’t send me ‘clean romance’ or anything that doesn’t match my wishlist. Please only submit Adult and New Adult. I do not take submissions for YA. Please review the submission information and follow the guidelines.

Rebecca: ** CLOSED TO SUBMISSIONS ** I’d love to see stories that baptize me in the entire spectrum of emotions. Genre doesn’t matter so much as a good handle on the craft of writing, compelling characters, and loads of conflict. I’d also love to receive anything that involves the weird and strange. Thrill me, chill me, scare me (a little). I have a soft spot for mysteries and thrillers with knock-out twists and endings (Defending Jacob by William Landay). Please don’t send me erotica or horror.

Jodi:** CLOSED TO SUBMISSIONS ** YA is my first love, but I am open to NA and adult. I adore historical novels, light fantasy & thrillers with dark plot lines and flawed characters. I am not the best target for sci-fi submissions.

Samantha: ** CLOSED TO SUBMISSIONS ** I love contemporary fantasy, for both YA and adult. Anything real life with a touch of magic will interest me. I’m also into fairytale retells (nothing too obscure), but with a diverse voice. If you’ve written a Latino/Hispanic Little Mermaid-type story, please send it to me. Also, coming-of-age (at any age) LGBTQ stories are of particular interest. I’m also a romance gal, so hit me up with your HEAs starring unlikely couples. Bonus points if you can make me laugh..


General Submission Information

We accept full length pieces of fiction only. So that means no novellas, anthologies, or non-fiction. We do not publish children’s books.

Before submitting, please research average word counts within the category and genre in which you are writing. We will not outright reject a manuscript outside of the average, but this is an important element we consider.

Please put in the subject line your name & which of us you feel your manuscript best fits, otherwise we’re unlikely to read any further. 

If you are an agent, please forward the full manuscript.

We aim to respond to all submissions within three months, but depending on our workloads this is often longer. Sorry.

Send your submission to

Thank you for submitting to us, we cannot wait to read your work!