Butterfly Bones by Rebecca Carpenter

“Even more awesome than I expected!” Amazon Reviewer

“Lilac prose, off-beat story, lovely read.” Amazon Reviewer

“BOY OH BOY IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT. It’s freaky, creepy, and doesn’t pull any punches…the end. OH MY GOD THE END!” Goodreads Reviewer

“Carpenter’s writing is crisp, the character development deep and the story’s pacing excellent.” Goodreads Reviewer

“So fresh. So enchanting. So poignant. So imaginative. Such an incredible story of true grit, determination, and bravery.” Goodreads Reviewer

Published November 28, 2016!

Metamorphosis Series, Book 1

e-book ISBN 978-0-9944511-6-3

Paperback ISBN 978-0-9944511-7-0

Young Adult Contemporary Science Fiction


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Bethany should be dead, just like the doctors predicted.

But along came the butterflies, altering the order of nature.

And now nature is hell bent on revenge.

Because when fate’s path is disrupted, it’s only a matter of time before balance must be restored.

Haunting. Twisted. Incredible. Like nothing you’ve ever read before.

Bethany Keatley

Fan Art by Diana Connors