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What a fantastic debut novel!” Goodreads reviewer

Wow! Fantastic debut novel … can’t wait for the next one.” Goodreads reviewer

“Witty and pacey and full of well-drawn characters.” Goodreads reviewer

“I love the ending, and recommend this for ladies who’ve struggled with same-sex friendships. I also would recommend it for men who would like a better understanding of how different women think.” Goodreads reviewer

Published April 26, 2016!

FRIENDS Series, Book 1

e-book ISBN: 978-0-9944511-4-9

paperback ISBN: 978-0-9944511-5-6

Adult Diva Lit


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There are two sides to every friendship.

After spending her twenties sailing the globe, making love on fine white sand, and thinking only of today, Teri Meyer returns to Yorkshire – and back into the life of childhood friend Lee. Plus, there’s the new job, new man – or three – and the guaranteed lump sum of a bursary for her academic research piece on the way. Life is first-rate.

 What could possibly go wrong?

Going out on a limb to get best friend Teri a job at the same university seemed like a great idea. But it doesn’t take long for Lee Harper to notice a pattern. Teri seems to attract trouble, or maybe she creates it, and Lee can see exactly where things are spiralling – downwards. But Teri’s not the sort to heed a warning, so Lee has no choice but to stand by and watch.

And besides, she has her own life to straighten out.

For fans of BRIDGET JONES, this ‘witty’ chick lit has been described as a ‘rollicking good read’ and is the first in the FRIENDS trilogy following the lives of two thirty-something women, who, despite their close friendship, don’t always see eye-to-eye.