Barbara Quinn

Barbara Quinn is an award-winning short story writer and author of a variety of novels.

Her travels have taken her to forty-seven states and five continents where she’s encountered fascinating settings and inspiring people that populate her work.

Her many past jobs include lawyer, record shop owner, reporter, process server, lingerie sales clerk, waitress, and postal worker. She’s a native New Yorker with roots in the Bronx, Long Island, and Westchester. She currently resides with her husband in Bradley Beach, NJ and Holmes Beach, FL. She enjoys spending time with her son and his family and planning her next adventure. She wants to remind everyone that when you meet her, SHE’S NOT SHOUTING, SHE’S ITALIAN.






A Message from the Editor

I fell in love with The Summer Springsteen’s Songs Saved Me from page one. The wholly realistic troubles Sofia faces and the way in which she grows is addictive and raw, and even once the last page had been turned, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The cleverness with which Springsteen’s songs are used, and the engaging story telling left its mark on me, but it was the host of characters as well as the occasional wit that truly brought it all together to create a beautiful story. Readers will be engrossed in Sofia’s life, the strong friendships, and a little touch of love.