Meet the Characters!

Meet Wilder Coomb from our stunning fantasy In the Blood!


Wilder Coomb

“The devil’s help always comes with the devil’s price.” – Wilder Coomb


Soldier. Hunter. Leader. Wilder Coomb practices strict self-discipline in all areas of his life. A wounded veteran of Iormere’s military, he now oversees a prison camp in the far north. Over the years, Lachlas Prison has housed Iormere traitors, deserters, even high-ranking political prisoners. But during the Pleinour War, it offers its dubious welcome to Roanaan prisoners-of- war.
Chief Coomb despises the Roanaan people, believing them capable of any imaginable barbarity. Indeed, it was Roanaan soldiers who caused him to lose one of his eyes. But even before that, a trio of Roanaan deserters gave Coomb every reason to hate Roanaan and its people. As the prison chief of Lachlas, he offers no mercy to the prisoners in his charge.
Chief Coomb is a devotee of the Three Celestial Sisters, the three goddess who rule sky, earth, and the underworld. Worship of the Celestial Sisters is one of two main religions practiced in Iormere, the other being worship of the Odalay. Chief Coomb prays each morning and each evening, uses meditation to calm and regulate his thoughts, and adheres to a fatalistic philosophy.
Hard, ruthless, and demanding, Wilder Coomb does not tolerate nonsense, disobedience, or dishonesty.


Get ready, for now we introduce to you the one and only James “Bear” Parley, Sheriff of Benton County, from our award-shortlisted thriller Poor Boy Road!


James ‘Bear’ Parley

“He has the constitutional right that I don’t beat his ass. Beyond that, I don’t give a shit at this point.” – Bear


James “Bear” Parley is the tough but lovable Sheriff of Benton County. He grew up in Warsaw as the best friend of Jake Caldwell, and after college, Bear returned to Benton County, working his way up the ladder to become the Sheriff. With a desire every bit as big as his stature, he launched a war on the avalanche of meth that dumped on his domain.

He’s a father and husband, and a smart, hardworking guy who isn’t afraid to cut corners for the greater good, stretching the bounds of the law to put the bad guys behind bars and protect those he loves.

While he’s placed a vice grip on the drug trade in Warsaw, he can’t catch drug lord Shane Langston, but teaming up with his high school friend Jake could be the ticket.


It’s with great pleasure we introduce you to the beautiful Oriabel Dominax from our popular fantasy In the Blood. She’s the kind, humble and loyal witchbreed twin sister to Ottilde.


Oriabel Dominax

“I’d rather give too much than not enough.” Oriabel Dominax

Oriabel 1Lady. Healer. Sister. Witch. Oriabel Dominax has always known fear. Her father, in an attempt to protect her, never hid what would happen to her if the people of Corlaan discovered her witchbreed nature. Condemned by the holy scriptures of the Odalay, Roanaan’s god, witches are seen as the harbingers of evil and destruction in Roanaan. And so, Oriabel guards her secret while using it to care for the very people who would destroy her.

Before his death, Barres Dominax gave his daughter a most unusual education. Oriabel learned anatomy and herb lore alongside fairy tales and politics. From the village’s late midwife, she absorbed the lessons of midwifery and nursing. And from the old witch who lives deep in the woods around Corlaan, she discovered how to nurture and strengthen her supernatural gifts.

A deeply religious and spiritual woman, Oriabel does not allow what the Odalay’s holy scriptures say about the witchbreed to stop her from daily devotions and prayers. She believes the Odalay gave her magic to protect and comfort her people. She also believes the god will bring Ottilde back to her one day.

Oriabel is more idealistic than her sister, raised as she was in an insular community. But her father’s early lessons of caution and fear have left her with a deep distrust of letting anyone too close. Nevertheless, she loves easily and gives affection to those who show her kindness. Her devotion to her home and people informs everything she does—even to her ruin.

One trait she shares with Ottilde is an intolerance for those she sees as enemies. The few people she detests get nothing from her but contempt.


Are you ready to meet low-life drug dealer, Willie Banks; the wants-to-be-the-good-guy supporting character in Poor Boy Road? Well, here he is…


Willie Banks

“I’ll do what I can, but hell, I don’t know if any of us are safe.” Willie Banks

Willie Portrait 2Willie Banks is a Warsaw-raised drug dealer. Although a high school dropout, he’s a decent guy with a fair amount of common sense. The oldest of three, he grew up fending for himself and learning firsthand what meth does to people; his own mother being the neglectful poster child. He doesn’t want to deal drugs and knows it’s wrong, but he doesn’t want to scrape by flipping burgers.

The problem is, Willie knows the area around Warsaw and its residents, and has the ability to maintain a low profile. While he hates dealing drugs, he’s good at it, and it pays more than any legitimate job. Besides, he likes being on top as it’s a completely different experience from anything else that’s happened in his miserable life. Even with the money and clout, he wants out, seeing that people working for Shane Langston tend to have rather short life spans. Willie knows he’s at a point of no return – in love with a girl he knows he can’t have and impossible orders from Shane that would leave Willie unable to live with himself.

He wants to be the good guy, but it’s tough at the bottom.

Now, we’re skipping over to our fantasy In the Blood by R.L. Martinez. Please meet Ottilde Dominax, twin sister to Oriabel and fearless warrior.


Ottilde Dominax

“I suggest you keep your filthy hands to yourself.” Ottilde Dominax

Ottilde First PortraitKnight. Warrior. Sister. Fugitive. Ottilde Dominax has trained for war nearly all her life. The eldest daughter (by less than a minute) of the deceased Lord and Lady of Corlaan, Ottilde was sent away from home at the age of six, to begin her decade-long preparation to be a knight for her country. But her heart remained with her twin sister, Oriabel, even as she fell in love with her country’s crowned prince, Chroy. A bloody war took Ottilde from her sister and set her against her prince.

Throughout her journey to reunite with Oriabel, Ottilde faces bloodthirsty predators, untrustworthy allies, and an infuriating prison chief with a dark past of his own.

Raised primarily among warriors, Ottilde is sarcastic, tough, and pragmatic. She abandoned her ideals long ago in the face of court politics and blood-soaked battle fields. She does not trust easily and hides her fear and pain behind biting humor and bravado. She is a bit of a loner, finding the company of others, especially since Chroy’s death, more trouble than it’s worth.

Oriabel stands as the one inviolate force in her life, a symbol of home and peace, and Ottilde puts her love for her twin above all else. Since they grew up with no mother and their father died when they were just ten-years-old, they have fulfilled the roles of both mother and father for each other, with Ottilde taking on the protector role. She sees any threat to her sister as a threat to herself.

A powerful woman, commanding respect and attention.


Meet the hero in James L. Weaver’s thriller, Poor Boy Road. A hit with reviewers and media professionals, this book, the first in the Jake Caldwell series, looks set to be hugely popular. Move over Jack Reacher, a new hero’s in town!


Jake Caldwell

“I’d better scare you or you’re dumber than you look.” Jake Caldwell

Jake portrait firstJake Caldwell, a leg breaker for the Kansas City mafia, is haunted by the screams and echoes of snapping bones from those he’s sent to collect from. Raised by an abusive alcoholic father from the wrong side of the tracks in the small Lake of the Ozarks town of Warsaw, Jake abandoned his family, friends, and the love of his life to escape his father, and learned to make a living with his fists. His ability to think and act quickly and find solutions to difficult problems has earned him one hell of a reputation.

But Jake has spent his life running from the ghosts of his past and is now beginning to see his father when he stares into the mirror.

Jake sees a way to get off the dark path he’s traveling by completing two tasks—doing one last bloody job for his mafia boss and burying the father who ruined his life. Returning to the hometown he swore he’d never return to, Jake must confront the ghosts of his past—the tombstones of past relatives, his dying father who spun Jake on his path of violence, the little sister he was supposed to look after, his best friend who is now the county Sheriff, and the high school sweetheart he never stopped loving.

Jake is a man you can’t help but love. He’s damaged, regretful, reckless and ironfisted; but also heroic, thoughtful, and charming. A real man you’d want on your side.


More ‘Meet the Character’ posts to come!