D.L. Shepherd

D.L. Shepherd lives on Long Island with her husband, a foster cat who never left, and their dogs…the four-legged muses who ignite her imagination and bring her keyboard to life. Her short fiction has appeared in Family Dog Magazine and Celebrating Greyhounds Magazine, and her nonfiction has been published in Modern Dog Magazine and the Vizsla Club of Long Island’s quarterly newsletter, all published under her married name “Donna Owczarek.”

An interesting tidbit about that difficult-to-pronounce (and equally difficult-to-spell) surname is that it roughly translates to “Shepherd” in Polish, hence D.L. Shepherd!

THE FOSTER is her debut novel and is inspired by one of her adoptees who seemed a bit creepy at first, at least until they got to know one another better.






A Message from the Editor

THE FOSTER is one of those books that lures you in, that insists you make predictions but then cleverly convinces you to change them. You just don’t know what’s going on until those final pages. As a dog lover it wasn’t hard to fall for D.L. Shepherd’s unique thriller, and her writing is tense and velvety and kept me 100% addicted throughout. It’s a honour to be publishing D.L. Shepherd’s fantastic debut.