Our latest release is happening today! And we are so excited for readers to get their hands on this incredible book. It’s weird, it’s unique, it’s poignant, it’s brave. You […]

Wow! So much has been happening by the lake this past week, we don’t know where to start! First up, Rebecca Carpenter has confirmed dates as part of her book […]

  Excerpt from the Metamorphosis Series Book One: Butterfly Bones by Rebecca Carpenter… With my ears ablaze, I beeline to class. Most students dodge the front row. But as long as […]

Butterfly Bones is coming! Nature is about to dish out some serious revenge! With just one month until we give birth to our wonderfully warped yet poignant YA contemporary sci-fi […]

Excerpt from the Jake Caldwell Series Book One: Poor Boy Road by James L. Weaver… The stairs to Keats’ office creaked under Jake’s reluctant footsteps. He hated meeting with his boss. […]

        If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram then you’ll have seen that we’re currently running an enormous giveaway. Why not?! We love to connect […]

Excerpt from A Falling Friend by Sue Featherstone and Susan Pape! Teri She won’t spend her cash on decent clothes, despite my attempts to persuade her. ‘What’s wrong with this?’ […]

No, not published officially, but definitely in their pre-publication form!                 This week our gorgeous contemporary sci-fi, Butterfly Bones by Rebecca Carpenter, was […]

Excerpt from Chapter One of The Witchbreed Series, Book One: In the Blood by R.L. Martinez…   “Ottilde caught the shadow of movement to either side of her. She sighed, […]

We’ve begun another exciting countdown! Butterfly Bones, our heart-wrenching Young Adult contemporary sci-fi is being released on November 28! Woohoo! Just in time for Christmas. But, we need your help. The fabulous […]