About Us

Lakewater Press is a boutique publishing house based in Queensland, Australia and established in 2016. Every book we publish is treated with equal amounts of love and individual attention that its author bled creating it. So many wonderful stories struggle to find homes and an opportunity to reach readers. Lakewater Press was founded to offer some of these a chance.

We’re small and personal. We focus on quality not quantity. We ensure each book isn’t just released then abandoned. A book is for life, not just for publication!

We take a holistic approach with authors because we care about their careers. We hope for many that we can be their first stepping stone to greater things. We spend time analysing, listening, researching, and building their personal brandings alongside their book marketing, and focusing as much time as necessary on the editing stages. We are continually seeking new ways to promote, to network, and build our readership.

We’re book lovers too!

Every book we publish will initially be available as an e-book and Print-on-Demand title. Print runs will be considered in the future depending on sales figures. Our marketing department will work to the best of their ability to make this happen but we expect our authors to work just as hard at their own publicity and presence.

It’s a partnership!

We invite book stores and libraries interested in stocking our titles to get in touch via email at contact@lakewater-press.com or go direct to our distributors at Ingram.

We invite international publishers interested in the translation of our titles to contact Kate Foster via email at contact@lakewater-press.com.

We invite bloggers interested in interviewing our authors or reviewing our titles to get in touch via email at contact@lakewater-press.com.

We encourage readers to leave reviews of our books wherever they can.

Help us spread the word about our great books!