About Us

Lakewater Press is a new boutique publishing house based in Queensland, Australia, but with a worldwide reach. Every book we publish will be treated with the same amount of love and individual attention as its author bled creating it. So many wonderful stories struggle to find homes and an opportunity to reach readers; Lakewater Press was founded to offer some of these a chance. We’re small and personal. We focus on quality not quantity, ensuring each book isn’t simply released then abandoned, but more nurtured for its entire life.

We take a holistic approach with authors because we care about their careers. We spend time analysing and building their personal branding alongside their book marketing. There are some aspects of this process consistent with all our authors, however, we also include specific components for each, taking into account location, book category, and genre. We, along with Aurora Publicity, will work together to finalise the branding and marketing plan and maximise opportunities.


Every book we publish will initially be available as an e-book and Print-on-Demand title. Print runs will be considered in the future depending on sales figures. Our marketing department will work to the best of their ability to make this happen.