TODAY’S THE DAY! And we are soooooo pumped!

WITHIN AND WITHOUT by Deborah Maroulis is in the world and, boy, is this a brilliant novel or what. You absolutely have to buy it and read it and review it and just love it like we do. It’s packed with emotion and told in an incredibly authentic teenage voice. FIVE FRICKING STARS!




We’re thrilled that it’s hitting some number 1 new release spots on Amazon and we’re grateful to all those who’ve already purchased their copy, and to those who’ve left a review.



But it’s never too late to get in on the action! These links should be pretty helpful…

Buy it on Amazon

Buy it on Barnes & Noble

Review it on Goodreads

Learn more about Deborah

Follow the blog tour




And that’s it! A huge congratulations to Deborah on her very special day. She is for sure an author to watch!

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