We’re having a bit of fun here by the lake this holiday season, and, as you’ll see from the next few blog posts, our authors and staff have been putting together some fantastic flash fiction pieces. Well, we say fantastic, yet it’s probably worth you knowing that when we mentioned the words “flash fiction” they all paused open-mouthed, thrown totally out of their comfort zones! MWAHAHAHAHA!

But still, we think they’ve done awesome jobs and are delighted to share their pieces for your enjoyment.

Today’s offerings are from authors of adult fiction D.L. Shepherd and Laura Brown, bringing us something a little different.

Chosen for Christmas by D.L. Shepherd

The dog glanced around, disinterested. Every week the rescue group brought him here, and every week, the younger ones were chosen, while he returned, alone, to his barren kennel.

Around him, more activity than usual. A heavyset, bearded man sat, humans lined up, taking photos with their dogs. The woman helping him had no dog, but when her eyes fell on him, she gasped.

Leaving her post, she hurried over, stroked his fur, spoke kind words.

But then she left.

He whined, but the volunteer holding his leash smiled. “Don’t cry. She’ll be back for you. You’ve been adopted!”

D.L. Shepherd writes eerie adult thrillers with man’s best friend as pivotal to her plots. Check out THE FOSTER, her debut novel out next year!




Hanukkah Promises by Laura Brown

His hand shakes as he lights the final candle, all eight burning bright. Her voice is strong as the prayers are recited. He loses his words, lost in her beauty, nearly ruining the mood. Pull it together, he urges, and takes her into his arms. She rests on his shoulder as they watch the flickering flames. “A miracle happened there,” he begins, “and if you say yes, another will happen here.” He lowers to his knee, waiting for the best Hanukkah gift ever.


Laura Brown writes electrifying and diverse adult romance that leaves you swooning. Check out A PERFECT MISTAKE out in 2019!


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