We’re having a bit of fun here by the lake this holiday season, and, as you’ll see from the next few blog posts, our authors and staff have been putting together some fantastic flash fiction pieces. Well, we say fantastic, yet it’s probably worth you knowing that when we mentioned the words “flash fiction” they all paused open-mouthed, thrown totally out of their comfort zones! MWAHAHAHAHA!

But still, we think they’ve done awesome jobs and are delighted to share their pieces for your enjoyment.

Today, we’re pleased to welcome two awesome YA authors: Deborah Maroulis who is all about breaking free, and Kristy Fairlamb with some sunshine!

A Christmas Locket by Deborah Maroulis

I’m wearing the locket you gave me last year around my neck, still. Only now the chain feels more like a choker. Split open, the heart is still so small and won’t fit the both of us. I had to shrink myself into tiny folds to be next to you. This year I’m replacing the heart with a different shape—a star, so my new love can bend and grow and fill galaxies.

Deborah Maroulis is the author of heart-breaking, soul-searching, coming-of-age YA contemporary fiction. Her debut WITHIN AND WITHOUT comes out next year!


Christmas Down Under by Kristy Fairlamb

I leave the store empty handed.

I don’t want the Christmas socks or mulled wine. A hot roast turkey, or a roaring fireplace to keep warm. I refuse to buy the snow globes and frosty snowmen.
They will never be part of my Christmas.

Instead, I’ll be swatting away the flies while I enjoy barbecued prawns, gourmet salads, and Pavlova with berries, followed by a lazy afternoon beside the pool, a cool mojito in hand.

The world insists that Christmas is cold, but as I step onto the Jacaranda-lined street, purple flowers coating the footpath and the sun scorching my skin, the demand soon melts away.


Kristy Fairlamb writes supernatural YA thrillers with plenty of romance thrown in for free! Her debut LUCID is out next year too!

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