We’re having a bit of fun here by the lake this holiday season, and, as you’ll see from the next few blog posts, our authors and staff have been putting together some fantastic flash fiction pieces. Well, we say fantastic, yet it’s probably worth you knowing that when we mentioned the words “flash fiction” they all paused open-mouthed, thrown totally out of their comfort zones! MWAHAHAHAHA!

But still, we think they’ve done awesome jobs and are delighted to share their pieces for your enjoyment.

And today, we’re delighted to welcome author Mindy A. Early and book ninja Samantha Alban, who are offering a little bit of magic and a little bit of naughty!

Dark Magic by Mindy A. Early

Hunched over his worktable, the alchemist hung a glass globe over the flame. The concoction inside was the color of bone. Stirring it with one hand, he tapped in pungent brown powder with the other. As he waited, and watched, he hummed a tune in time with the snow that pattered against his window.

Right before the brew could boil, he pulled it from the fire. Folding in the final, foamy ingredient, he lifted it to his lips.

“‘Tis the season!” he proclaimed, belching with satisfaction. Unaware of the milky mustache the eggnog left behind, he poured himself another.



Mindy is the author of YA fantasy series, THE LEGENDS OF ANILYN, coming in 2020. Check out her website here!


The Naughty List by Samantha Alban

Mary Kringle leaned against the doorjamb watching her husband shave.

“Lurking will get you on the Naughty List, you know,” Nick teased, patting his face dry before wiping the mirror clear. Mary’s stomach tightened as his crystal blue eyes twinkled in his reflection. A smile tugged at his mouth exposing the dimple on his left cheek. He gave her a wink and she pressed her thighs together as that dimple worked its magic on her libido.

Every. Damn. Time.

She pulled the hip strap on her harness tight as she entered. He’d see what it really meant to be naughty.



Samantha is our sharp-eyed editorial assistant and all around creative book ninja, not to mention a brilliant author in her own right! Check out her website here!

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