We’re having a bit of fun here by the lake this holiday season, and, as you’ll see from the next few blog posts, our authors and staff have been putting together some fantastic flash fiction pieces. Well, we say fantastic, yet it’s probably worth you knowing that when we mentioned the words “flash fiction” they all paused open-mouthed, thrown totally out of their comfort zones! MWAHAHAHAHA!

But still, we think they’ve done awesome jobs and are delighted to share their pieces for your enjoyment.

So, today, we have Rebecca Carpenter and Sue Featherstone both offering some festive love stories. ENJOY!

Mary’s Heart by Rebecca Carpenter

Mary stood in the dark room as Christmas tree lights blinked from white to blue to multi-colored—unwrapped presents spilling from under the branches.  

She dropped to her knees. A small, square box wrapped in brown paper caught her eye; “To Mom, Love Manney” scribbled on the tag. She traced the letters with her fingertip before carefully unwrapping the gift—a silver necklace with heart locket. Inside, a grinning, toothless headshot of Manney appeared.

She clasped the chain around her neck, the locket resting directly over her heart.

Tree lights switched from white to blue to multi-colored, each reflecting off the heart that she now wore on the outside.


Rebecca Carpenter writes award-winning creepy and unusual YA fiction. Check out the METAMORPHOSIS series: BUTTERFLY BONES and BUTTERFLY BLOOD!




Surprise Love by Sue Featherstone 

The ballroom was a festive spectacle of twirling toes, fabulous frocks and brilliant baubles. The prince, polite smile glued to his face, greeted his guests while his mother nodded encouragingly, and the king scowled, wishing the boy wasn’t so ‘damned particular’.

Nearby, the Lord Chamberlain, worried about the canapes and petit fours. And was the pink champagne perfectly chilled? More than anyone he knew the importance of making a good impression on the exceedingly rich young ladies.

Fortunately for his blood pressure he didn’t know – yet – the prince was already helplessly in love with the poorest girl in the room.


Sue Featherstone co-authors sharp and witty women’s fiction with the equally brilliant Susan Pape. Check out the FRIENDS series: A FALLING FRIEND and A FORGIVEN FRIEND!

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