As it’s our birthday, we thought we’d ask some of our authors and staff what their favourite and least favourite birthday presents have been over the years. And, well, some of these made us giggle and we hope they do you too!

“Best: A bottle of Hibiki. Worst: A bottle of Hibiki.” – Samantha Alban

“Best: A Kindle HD 10 given to me this year by my bestie. Worst: 3 hideous thongs stuffed inside a birthday card and given to me at my local boozer. I opened it and the nasty looking things fell out for all the people to see. This is why mothers should never play a part in choosing their grown-up daughter’s underwear. LOL.” – Emma Wicker

“Best birthday present is probably the gold chain my husband (then boyfriend) bought on my 21st birthday. I’ve worn it every day since. Worst? Cant think of any duds. I’ve become very good at dropping hints ….” – Sue Featherstone 

“Best: A Davey Crockett coonskin cap! I was 5 or 6..I wore that thing everywhere including to sleep.” – Barbara Quinn 

“Best pressie is usually vouchers from my lovely hubby for Ragdale…a health spa…worst pressie was older sister’s handmedown bike. Parents painted it to make it look new. That didn’t fool anyone. And my sister wasn’t thrilled either at losing her bike (although she got a new, secondhand one later).” – Susan Pape

“Best birthday present: hubby took me on a trip to Glenwood Springs to the natural hot springs. Surreal to be sitting in a natural hot tub with heat rising, the scent of sulfur heavy on the air, and snowflakes dancing all around, glistening in the light of the moon. “ – Rebecca Carpenter

“Best – 1967 Ford Mustang from my dad – beautiful car. Worst – the hangover from my 21st birthday after a long night out.” – James L. Weaver

I’m a twin, so birthdays have been the bane of my existence since, well, as long as I can remember. Sharing a cake, sharing presents, sharing a party. Likewise, when my sister and I were young, my parents had to manage our varying tastes. My sister was never a fan of what I liked, and vise versa. With that said, the best present I ever received was tickets to watch “The Phantom of the Opera.” I was in high school at the time, and an evening in Boston sounded amazing. The show was magical . . . though my sister didn’t like it much. The worst birthday I had was when we turned twenty-one. Again my sister and I traveled from our small N.H. town to Boston. My dad had gotten us a hotel room for the night and dropped us off at a bar. My sister began drinking immediately. Soon, she’d spent all her money. She begged me for some of mine, which I gave to her . . . in small amounts. But one drink followed the next and sooner or later the night devolved into me trying to hold onto enough of my cash so we could afford the cab ride back to the hotel. My sister got sick in the bar’s bathroom, and moaned, her head leaning against the taxi’s window, as we wound through Boston’s curvy streets. So it was my worst birthday, but perhaps it was hers too.” – Maura Jortner 

“I always got back-to-school clothes for my birthday, as it’s in early September. It was a bummer in grade school, because who wanted a turtleneck jersey and a sensible tan skirt?? I wanted a pogo stick! But I LOVED my back-to-school birthday in high school when all I wanted was more new clothes!!” – Mia Kerick

“The gift I enjoyed the most was from my husband. I was on a bit of a tangent about how “not all women want the same things. We don’t all want a bouquet of flowers or a cookie bouquet. I’d rather have a bouquet of something that’s unique to my interests. How come nobody sells a bouquet of books?” And my husband put together this little gift bouquet. What felt like the absolute worst birthday ever (at the time!) was my 7th. My party was cancelled and my mom wasn’t with me because I got a brother that day. (I’m over it now though & it’s kind of nice to share that birthday with my brother).” – Jodi Gallegos






“I’ve had some fab gifts from my family over the years, but those that I love best at the time are usually holidays or a short break somewhere. I love holidays! As for worst, it has to be this ceramic elephant one of my friends bought me. That doesn’t sound too bad as is, but when she handed it to me, she winked and said ‘To carry on our joke’ and bust out laughing. I frowned, she laughed some more and said, ‘Yeah, I know.’ And still 20 years later, I have no idea what this joke of ours was.” – Kate Foster 



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