Holy Divas! We are one day out from the launch of A FORSAKEN FRIEND and today we’re reminding you that:

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  • The blog tour is well underway.

Yeah, we know! So much coolness going on.

But, it’s also the last day for us to share an excerpt from this sharp and witty novel, and we’re back with Lee and it seems Teri’s put her in yet another awkward situation…


I didn’t tap dance with enthusiasm when I got a call from Deidre O’Connell from the Association of English Educators, trying to add to my to-do list. She’s a nice enough woman, but she lives and breathes the AEE and I can’t say I felt particularly interested in her tale of woe. So what if they were having trouble spending a thirty-thousand-pound research bursary? They should be so lucky.

‘About Teri Meyer,’ Deidre said.

‘What about her?’

‘We’ve asked her to resubmit an application she made a couple of years ago.’

What had that got to do with me?

‘You were named as a referee on the original application.’

Oh, yes? First I’d heard of it.

‘I was?’

‘Yes,’ Deidre said. ‘We’re hoping to fast track the application and hoped you’d be able to supply a reference post haste.’

Cheeky beggars.

I hesitated.

‘It doesn’t have to be very long,’ Deidre coaxed. ‘Just some lines on Ms Meyer’s suitability, her academic track record, research background – you know the sort of thing.’

I did indeed.

‘We wouldn’t be looking for more than five hundred-or-so words.’

What? Five hundred words? Not even a spin doctor could spin Teri’s research profile that far.

‘Okay,’ I said.

I’ve always liked a creative challenge.

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