And do we have a fab day planned. Not only does the A FORSAKEN FRIEND blog tour begin, organised by the very fabulous Anne Cater (Thanks Anne!), we’re sharing chapter one from this pretty darn fantastic chick lit, AND…wait for it…here it comes…

Book 1, A FALLING FRIEND, is now absolutely FREE!

Seriously! It’s true. TWO BOOKS FOR 99c/p! Unbelievable. Definitely don’t hang around and dally over this one. Just hop over to Amazon right now and grab A FALLING FRIEND free, then to A FORSAKEN FRIEND, and pre-order it for 99c/p!




Right, onward we go. And today, Teri’s back and she’s sounding pretty confused with all the nakedness…


I’ve seen a fair number of naked men, and had my share of lovers. More recently, I’ve been spoiled. Declan O’Brien – that bastard – had what I can only describe as the leanest, tautest, most ripped body of any of them. His chest was so tight I could beat out a drum on those pectoral muscles. He had slim hips and a perfectly formed bum, which appeared clenched even when relaxed. He claimed never to exercise, always too busy at the Evening Leader newspaper where he worked; but frankly, what he was busy doing was juggling a wife and kids plus laying an assortment of lovers – sadly, me included.

My ex-husband Dan Caine was a suave TV presenter who prided himself on his lightly tanned, good-looking face and a body that would eventually succumb to midlife spread, but not while I was in charge.

But Duck’s Arse? No, he certainly wasn’t the type of man I’d usually go for.

Duck’s Arse – or, now that we’re more intimately acquainted, I should call him Richard Walker – had chubby cheeks and rounded, pink lips and overall he was definitely the worse for bodily wear. As he removed his crisp light-blue shirt, it was as if his upper body had been released and his belly sagged gently in the open air.

I’ve nothing against plump men, it’s just that I’ve never bedded one before, and judging by the man-boobs being proffered, I wasn’t sure I wanted to start.

A fold of flesh hung over the belt of his trousers, and I wondered if it wasn’t too late to back out of this. Whatever this was.

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