Yes, just FOUR MORE DAYS to go and the excitement is seriously ramping up behind the scenes here. So, here’s another excerpt from A FORSAKEN FRIEND for you. We’re with Lee again today, and, well, things are looking complicated for her …

(Oh, and don’t forget you should totally pre-order your copy today because it’s only 99c/p!)


Oh, for goodness’ sake. ‘I just don’t think we should rush things. Look where that got you and Teri.’

He couldn’t argue with that – although he tried. ‘I just thought since I stop here most nights…’

Now he mentioned it… ‘It might be nice if we gave ourselves some space now and again.’

That went down like a lead balloon.

Yes, Teri might well be enjoying the moral high ground, but, by not answering my phone calls, she was also depriving herself of multiple opportunities to say ‘I told you so…’ and ‘Serve you right.’

It was a bit rich though – Teri objecting because I’d nicked her bloke. How many times had she done that to me?

Except, of course, the Teri and Dan show was long dead and buried before I came on the scene, and, if I’d ruled out all Teri’s ex-lovers and boyfriends as potential love interests, I’d have been fishing in a very small pool. So small, in fact, the only fish left in the water would have been Mike Orme, my immediate boss and deputy dean at the university. Teri wouldn’t have touched him with a bargepole. Sadly, I’d had less sense. But, that’s all water under the bridge and the bargepole with it.

Dan interrupted my musing. ‘So,’ he said, raising his wine glass, ‘a toast to us and new beginnings.’


‘We’ll get a key cut at the weekend.’


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