It’s getting closer! We’re on day three of our Teri and Lee excerpts, and I think you know the drill. Don’t forget to pre-order your e-copy of A FORSAKEN FRIEND for only 99c/p, or of course grab the paperback, and also follow closely over the next couple of days because we just might have another little surprise for you!


So, today, let’s get back to Lee…


I stepped back as soon as I saw Teri. ‘It’s okay,’ I said to Dan, lowering my head. ‘You go first. The staff know you better than they know me.’

Which was a great big whopper since the place was under new management, and none of the new team knew either of us. Apart from Teri, who knew both of us very well indeed.

I needed time to think. I’d had lots of imaginary conversations where I told her she was a colossal prat and an almighty pain in the backside, but, it’s one thing rehearsing a speech and quite another delivering it in front of a room full of other people.

I shouldn’t have worried. Teri might have returned to her epicurean roots, but she’d taken care not to swallow any of that tosh about servility and deference. She gave me what I can only describe as a boiled-cabbage look. Clearly, time had not been a healer. If I’d have been a worm crawling out of a hole in the ground, I’d have hot-footed it back down under. But, I’m not a worm.

I reached out to nudge Dan’s arm. ‘Look who’s here,’ I hissed, and he turned and saw Teri. I went back to fiddling with my coat buttons. Beautiful buttons. Nothing quite like them.

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