Another day marked off the calendar! A FORSAKEN FRIEND is coming and here’s both your daily reminder that you can pre-order your copy for just 99c/p now, and to share with you the second excerpt.

Today, meet Teri Meyer – and maybe a little more of her than you probably expected…


I couldn’t take my eyes off the misted face still staring in at me. ‘Piss off, you pervert,’ I yelled, grabbing the soap from the side of the bath and throwing it. ‘Charlie. Go get the bastard.’

I heard Charlie call for Denis, then the sound of running feet across the living room floor and the back door opening. The face dropped away from the window, and I slowly backed out of the bathroom into the living room, clutching my towel to my chest, eyes glued to see if the Peeping Tom dared to appear again.

‘Hermione,’ I heard Denis shouting, ‘you bad girl. You’ve scared our Teri half to death.’

Hermione? One of the bloody goats. ‘For fuck’s sake,’ I said, still trying to see through the steam while backing further into the living room.

‘You might want a bigger towel,’ a man’s voice said behind me and, of course, I spun round.

I did better than Charlie and Denis, managing to hold the towel in place with one hand while using the other instinctively to cover my bare buttocks. But of course, the voice had already seen those.

The man standing in front of me was grinning. A grin that crinkled his mouth at the edges. A grin in a craggy face, hardened and smoothed by the weather. Blue eyes that seemed to twinkle. White hair that seemed to explode in a cloud of tight curls. Tall and well-proportioned. Blue, denim shirt tucked into black, denim jeans. Heavy, mustard-coloured boots, surprisingly clean.

I notice these things in a man.


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