Favorite Springsteen Songs by Barbara Quinn

We’re continuing the countdown to when THE SUMMER SPRINGSTEEN’S SONGS SAVED ME releases on Tuesday, and Barbara Quinn is back taking over our blog today, listing her all-time top ten Bruce Springsteen songs…

Every chapter of The Summer Springsteen’s Songs Saved Me has a Springsteen song as its title and that song is woven into the fabric of the chapter. There are forty-three chapters, so that’s a lot of Springsteen tunes. Finding the right song to represent what the characters were experiencing in each of the chapters was quite a challenge. I’ve been a Springsteen fan since his first album and while I’m familiar with quite a bit of his music, this novel allowed me to experience parts of his catalog I had little or no familiarity with. The more I searched the more I wanted to search. The Boss’s songs tell stories that reflect every aspect of the human condition. From what readers are telling me, the songs are doing what I hoped and are enriching the experience of the novel. Some readers play the chapter song before, others after reading the chapter. Some play them all at the end. What wonderful ideas!

Picking my favorite Springsteen songs is like picking out the best layers from a tasty 100 layer cake. Nonetheless, here are my top songs, though this can change tomorrow depending on my mood!


“Born to Run”

Oh my. Who hasn’t felt trapped and wanted desperately to get away?


“Born in the USA”

This national anthem of the disaffected can get anyone’s blood roiling and if it doesn’t, well they are most likely nearly dead.


“I’m on Fire” 

Sweaty, sexy, passion. And the awesome Bruce wail. Ohhh, yes!


4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)”

What a valentine to summer at the shore. If you’ve ever had a summer love by the sea, this song will bring all that roiling emotion barreling back. You can smell the ocean and hear the carnival sounds.


She’s the One” 

To be anyone’s “the one” is a dream come true.


“Thunder road” 

“Show a little faith, there’s magic in the night.” Yes, there is, and there’s magic in this incredibly complex and layered story song.


“Atlantic City”

There’s resilience in the message here. Everything dies, baby, but everything can also come back.


“Dancing in the Dark” 

Yep. Dancing through life’s challenges is an excellent way to address them.


“My City of Ruins”

This is a heartfelt paean to the difficulties of Asbury Park and later to the losses of the E Street Band. This one gets me every time.


“Promised Land”

Gee… I believe. You should too!



Don’t forget, you can pre-order THE SUMMER SPRINGSTEEN’S SONGS SAVED ME for just 99c now! 


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