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Hello! Wow, it’s been so long since we last blogged, but, to be honest, we have been so busy there just hasn’t been time! We have a lot of projects in various stages, particularly the upcoming release of BENEATH THE SKIN by R.L. Martinez, follow up to IN THE BLOOD –  which just hit 50 Goodreads ratings and reviews! You guys love this book, and we’re excited, not only to be bringing you the action-packed and just as stunning sequel, but also a teensy weensy change to IN THE BLOOD. Oh, and a brand new cover!

Now is the time that we turn to you, our adoring readers and fans (you are out there, right?), to help with spreading the word about BENEATH THE SKIN. First up, we have a cover reveal, then we have the release blog tour, and of course, whilst that’s all in production, we are seeking ARC readers. For anyone who doesn’t know what this is, it’s basically where we give dedicated readers and book bloggers a FREE copy of BENEATH THE SKIN to read BEFORE it’s released provided they leave an honest review on Goodreads, blogs, Amazon, and wherever else they can! So, if you can help with any of this, then not only will we be eternally grateful, but we’ve made it easy by creating the follow Google Sign Up form.

On top of this, we’re deep inside our editing caves polishing up the sequel to our sharp and witty chick lit A FALLING FRIEND, which is due out in a few months, as well as THE SUMMER SPRINGSTEEN’S SONGS SAVED ME by Barbara Quinn, a warm and delicious feel good women’s fiction. Trust us when we say, whether you’re a fan of the Boss or not, you will love this book. We have also created a YouTube channel, more details on that to follow, and we have a Pinterest board!

Both Kate and Jodi are now open to submissions, so please do send your POLISHED work in to us. But, please, check out our guidelines before you do so. We do receive a fair number of queries to read so ensuring yours is easy for us to navigate certainly helps! Thank you.

And, we have a very exciting announcement coming soon! So, as always, stay tuned.

We thank you for being such amazing readers, for your continued support and interaction, and we hope that with you by our side, Lakewater Press, its authors and books, will be going places!

Over and out!

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