One half of the dynamic duo, aka co-authors of A FALLING FRIEND, it’s time to put the spotlight on SUE FEATHERSTONE!

NAME:  Sue Featherstone
AGE: Too young to need a zimmer frame and too old to believe in Prince Charming and knights on white chargers
OCCUPATION: Writer and journalist. Once a journalist, always a journalist.
WHERE WERE YOU BORN: Bromsgrove Hospital in Worcestershire, England.
KIDS: Two grown-up daughters.
PETS: None.
FAVORITE FOOD: Any meal I haven’t had to cook myself. And someone else does the washing up.
FAVORITE DRINK: Dry white wine.
FAVORITE TV SHOW EVER: Probably Friends, but also loved Joss Whedon’s Firefly. And the comedy western Alias Smith and Jones.
FAVORITE SONG EVER: The Cod Liver Oil song. I remember my Irish grandfather singing it when I was a kid. Val Doonican also did a version.
Toss up between Hourtin on the west coast of France, a couple of hours from Bordeaux, or the Il de Re, also off the west coast, but a bit further north, near La Rochelle.

AND WHY THE ABOVE: Hourtin has both a sea beach – this part of France is famous for its surf waves – and child-friendly lake beaches (above). We went to Hourtin on camping/caravanning holidays several times when my daughters were young so lots of lovely memories of lazy days, playing on the beach, dipping in and out of the sea, rowing our little dinghy on one of the lake beaches and the campsite pool, lounging around reading and drinking wine. Now my husband and I go back there once a year on our own and we still love it. And the Il de Re is a cycling haven – cycle lanes criss-cross the island and it’s like being a kid again exploring the world on your bike. Wouldn’t you love a pink bicycle?

FAVORITE ANIMAL:  None – sorry, the animal-liking gene passed me by.
SPIRIT ANIMAL: No! I do have a guardian angel though. All good Catholic girls do. Boys too.
PIERCINGS: One in each ear – and that’s more than enough.
WHAT CAR DO YOU DRIVE: A beautiful black Mercedes A class. I love my little car and plan to drive it until one of us wears out.
DOGS OR CATS:  Neither.
KETCHUP OR MAYO: Depends what I’m eating. Ketchup with chips, but home-made garlic mayo is delicious drizzled over toasted chunks of bread and skinned, chopped tomatoes.
MORNING OR NIGHT: Mornings, so long as it’s not too early…
OUTSIDE OR INSIDE: Both: after a hard day’s writing nothing beats curling up on the settee and watching junk TV. I’m a sucker for tea-time holiday programmes. But I also love a good dose of fresh air. I’m lucky that I live a stone’s throw from the beautiful Yorkshire Sculpture Park and I love walking there. The bluebells will be out soon.

MILLION BUCKS OR ABILITY TO FLY:  If I had a million bucks I’d be able to pay for a flight whenever I wanted. But…as a little girl, I use to fantasise about having a pair of angel’s wings tucked under my coat. Flying to school would have been so much quicker than walking.
YOUR HERO: Nope. Don’t do heroes.
FAVORITE WORD:  bocadillo – the Spanish word for sandwich. I love the way it rolls off the tongue. 
USUAL BEDTIME: Gets earlier and earlier as I get older. I’m often in bed by 9pm – I read and watch TV and listen to the radio.

LAST TEXT MESSAGE: A what’s app message to my youngest daughter, who is travelling in Australia. Going out to visit her in June – and getting very excited.
LAST PERSON YOU TOLD YOU LOVED THEM: Does a kiss on the end of a text message count?

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