‘Read an Excerpt’ Book One in the Metamorphosis Series: Butterfly Bones by Rebecca Carpenter


Excerpt from the Metamorphosis Series Book One: Butterfly Bones by Rebecca Carpenter…

Butterfly Bones Cover EbookWith my ears ablaze, I beeline to class. Most students dodge the front row. But as long as I sit near the teacher, the bullies leave me alone. The “Zero Tolerance for Bullying” policy is just another “feel good” regulation. Unless they ban kids from being teenagers, persecutions will continue. Evilness is in our nature. Mix that with frenzied hormones and egos the size of Missy Lumins’ triple E whoppers and you’ve identified most kids at Springs High. I slip into my desk at the front of the class and doodle on the inside cover of my sketchbook.

Ashanique, Abby, and Alejandra, with Leah Mitchell in tow, migrate into the classroom. The A Club, as they call themselves. They’re the popular girls from the rich part of town. Ashanique has brunette hair, Abby red, Alejandra blonde, and Leah black—none their natural color. Each girl dons a streak of purple under her right ear.

In elementary school, we’d all been friends. But something happened in middle school. Maybe it was puberty, or lack of in my case. As soon as their boobs started to poke out and boys paid attention, they no longer wanted me around. No one did.

Normally I avoid eye contact and unwanted attention from the popular group. Survival of high school depends on a low profile. But long blonde hair catches my eye and sends my blood pressure rocketing. The new girl joins the A Club and stops right in front of me. Crap times a thousand. Zoey isn’t a senior.

I slouch in my desk and shift my bangs over my face. Through black strands, I peer at the girl who’s more beautiful than anyone I’ve ever seen. With her full lips, clear-blue eyes, high cheekbones, and perfectly straight shoulders, Zoey makes Barbie look plain.


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