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The staff here at Lakewater Press are all passionate about books and authors. We want to offer incredible stories and talented writers a place, a platform, and an avenue to reach readers. We seek books that might have been overlooked by larger publishing houses and literary agents because they just aren’t ‘now’. We’re not looking to compete with other small presses, and certainly not any of the big guns. All great books deserve readers, or at least a chance to find some, and that’s precisely our aim. We exist to give amazing books that haven’t been a fit anywhere else a chance.

So, we decided that our first blog should really be about what’s important to Lakewater Press. In our business plan, there are a couple of keywords that dictate every decision we make, and we’d like to share them, and the reasons behind them, with you.

Author friendly
I’m sure you’ve heard this term before from other publishers, and actually it isn’t always the case. But we mean it. From our contract to our marketing packages; everything we do is with the author in mind. Publishing wouldn’t be our chosen industry if we were all about profits. We want to be fulfilled and happy, and to make that happen we believe we need fulfilled, happy authors.

We’re in it together, and a successful book, however that might be translated, needs a united team behind it. When it comes to our signed authors, nothing is disguised, nothing is secret. Honesty grows trust, and that’s what we want.

Evolving                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Each member of the LWP team bring their own unique talents to the table, but we know that the publishing industry isn’t a stagnant one. It’s changing so rapidly we’d need jet packs to keep up. But each of us here is ready to grow and learn. We will continually keep a close eye on the market, on new directions for advertising and promotion, on opportunities for our books and authors. No day is ever the same.

What works for one, won’t necessarily work for another. Every edit, every cover design, every marketing package, will be designed and targeted for the individual book and author. We will not use the word generic here. Yes, some tricks might be used again if they’ve worked, but not before our team consider if it’s the right thing for that specific book.

We’re new, but we’re not shy. We’re passionate, but we’re not narrow-minded. We’re excited, but we’re not silly (though we do love having fun). We want to partner with authors to grow their careers, not take what we can get. We want to create successful books, not put millions in our pockets. But if we do, the Christmas parties will be at our place in Bermuda!

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